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A Little Christmas Magic

A Little Christmas Magic.jpg

Lowen Hayes is overworked, overtired, and over it. After her boss gives her yet another task she can’t refuse, Lowen finally decides to do something for herself—forgoing the family Christmas time in favour of a solo trip to London.

Amidst Christmas markets, hot drinks, and catching up with friends, she meets Ellis—the intriguing nonbinary toyshop employee Lowen was not expecting. And xe just happens to be everywhere Lowen is.

A series of mixups tosses the two into a fake relationship that might just be the Christmas magic Lowen needs to get through the holidays.

A Little Christmas Magic is a 40k fake-dating holiday romance featuring only one bed, found family, and Christmas in London.

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I Always Will

What happens when you get a second chance at first love?

When Alexandria met Hailey on their first day of secondary school, the last thing she was expecting was to become best friends with the chatty girl beside her. But friendship blossomed into first love, until different universities threatened to tear them apart.

Seventeen years later, Alexandria’s brother is set to marry one of Hailey’s employees, and their whirlwind romance drags Hailey and Alexandria back into each other’s lives.

Suddenly, all of the reasons they had for parting don’t seem compelling, and they can’t deny the attraction between them. But, with a wedding to plan, family in the way, and years of pain between them, will Hailey and Alexandria be brave enough to risk the hearts they’ve spent years protecting, or will they miss each other again?

I Always Will is an 80k second-chance, friends-to-lovers romance, featuring a return to hometown and the owner of a mashed potato bar. Content warnings for off-page homophobia, abusive family dynamics, divorce, and off-page drinking/drunk behaviour.

Chasing a Ghost

The two-billion-dollar question: Who is Ghost Guy and how is he connected to Laird Hill?

Norah Rosenberg works hard to keep her distance from her family. But when her half-brother, Laird Hill, comes into two billion dollars, Norah, Perry, and the team are on the case to figure out how he’s suddenly in possession of the kind of money he’s spent his life chasing.

As their investigation links Laird to an unidentifiable man Norah’s been following in her latest case, a questionable bank, a library from her past, and big money, they realize something larger is at play and it’s putting all of them in danger.

With Perry arrested and her freedom on the line, will Norah, Rhodes, and Kevin be able to figure out what’s going on in time to save her, or will they need help from some unexpected sources?

Set several months after the events of All the Right Wrong Reasons, Perry and Norah are back alongside Rhodes, Kevin, and Delta in this 49k thriller. Content warnings for reference to HRT injections being difficult in chapter one, references to abusive family dynamics, references to sex, and an attempted knife attack.

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The Other Side of Leaving

What happens when you meet the one person you can’t live without–right as she’s leaving?

Tilly Fenchurch never saw any reason to leave Vermont. Living in the town where she grew up, working at her moms’ family business, and never traveling far, she tells herself she’s happy–at least until she’s pulled, quite literally, into Frankie’s world.

Frankie Holt is excited. She’s just applied for her dream job in LA and she can’t wait to leave small-town Vermont behind. That is, until she grabs a random stranger in a celebratory hug and meets someone unforgettable.

A plan to reunite their estranged friends brings them closer together, and before long, it’s hard to imagine life without each other. With Tilly convinced she’s straight, Frankie attempts to fight her growing crush, while Tilly is left questioning everything she ever thought she knew about herself, her sexuality, and her life.

Will Frankie and Tilly figure out their feelings in time, or will three thousand miles tear them apart?

The Other Side of Leaving is an 80k toaster-oven, friends-to-lovers slow burn. Content warnings for anxiety and depression, on-page sex, and some angst.

Love on Location

Seven trips across the globe, and seven loves to last a lifetime. Got your ticket?


Airport layovers and far-flung islands, sunny shores and breathtaking mountains—step out of your comfort zone, leave the world you know behind, and join seven of today’s top sapphic romance authors on adventures across the world. Grab your copy of Love on Location for a collection of soft and sweet sapphic travel romances that will sweep you off your feet in more ways than one, and support international LGBTQIA+ rights at the same time, with 100% of proceeds going to charity.


  1. A sexy surprise encounter on the lake turns a writing retreat vacation into a whirlwind romance in Margaux Fox’s age-gap romance Kingdom of Sunlight.

  2. A flight delay ignites a spark of attraction between a no-nonsense business executive and a single mother in Johana Gavez’s sweet airport romance Airport Connection.

  3. A weekend on an island beach house forces together a grump and the sunshine girl she’s been pining for in Rachel Lacey’s opposites-attract romance Out of the Blue.

  4. A failed writer’s retreat picks up when a blocked writer finds the sun-bathed coffee shop has great coffee and a very cute barista in Milena McKay’s idiots-to-lovers, two-weeks-to-forever (is that a trope?) romance Lattes, Sunshine and Words.

  5. A first-time solo trip to Key West leads to a chance encounter with a beautiful, charming older woman who becomes a guide to the area, a guide to life, and so much more, in Jamey Moody’s age-gap romance Enough.

  6. A return to the beautiful Welsh mountains accidentally brings two former lovers who never let go of each other back together for a weekend to change their lives in Jacqueline Ramsden’s second-chance romance Campfire Cwtches.

  7. And three weeks working in her family’s restaurant at their new island home leads a grad student to accidentally throwing a smoothie at her celebrity crush in Lily Seabrooke’s culinary, celebrity romance Off Menu, Off Script.

Love on Location Cover.jpg

Mistletoe and Ivy

What happens when you get the holiday romance you've been dreaming of?

Ivy Stringer loves Christmas, lesfic, and, secretly, the fact that she shares a first name with her favorite author, Ivy Winters. With every book she reads, she hopes for her own magical holiday love story.

Kit Gunderson is back in Beaumont for the holidays and feeling more at home than she has in a long time, especially when she meets her adorable niece’s teacher, Ms. Stringer. As they bond over the school’s winter production, their distaste of holiday tacos, and Kit learning to ski, everything seems to be falling into place.

The only problem? Ivy’s poked around and figured out exactly who Kit’s author persona is—except that she’s totally wrong and has no idea the woman she’s falling for is the favorite author she knows she could never keep her cool around, Ivy Winters.

After all, there’s no better way to meet your favorite author than by accidentally falling in love first.

Mistletoe and Ivy is a 35k mistaken identity, return to hometown, low angst holiday romance. Content warning for on-the-page sex.

The Art of Growing

Maybe a weekend is just the right amount of time to fall in love.

Sloane Abbott likes her quiet life. She owns a landscaping business, she tends her plants, lives alone, and secretly crushes on her favorite nonbinary garden center employee, Polly. Between anxiety and modesty, Sloane's never planning on telling Polly she likes them. She'll just be admiring from afar while she deals with her demanding family and fulfills her sister’s order.

Polly Stanwick loves people. She has the best time working at Blooms, talking to customers, hanging out with the kids, and generally being a ray of sunshine. When they hear their regular, Sloane Abbott, is having a rough day, they naturally sweep in to help.

What neither of them is expecting is for Polly's colleague to suggest her as a fake date for Sloane's weekend with her family. For Sloane, it’s the only way to avoid the heteronormative life her parents will push on her, so despite her misgivings, she agrees. It’s only one weekend, right?

Fooling the Abbotts into thinking she and Polly are a couple is easy, but for Sloane, handling her own feelings is harder. Holding hands and sharing a bed doesn’t make things any easier—nor does Polly being there for her in all the ways she ever wished somebody would.

Sometimes the hardest thing to face is our own potential to grow.

The Art of Growing is a 75k-word slow-burn, friends-to-lovers, fake-dating romance over a weekend full of mutual pining and blurred lines. Content warnings for on-page sex scenes, abusive family dynamics, off-screen references to past abusive relationships, and anxiety attacks.

All The Right Wrong Reasons

Rule number one is to never fall for a target. Perry’s never been good with rules.


Perry is a master thief—and a responsible one—but she’s not nearly as good with women. When she and her trusted hacker took thirty-seven million dollars from the brokerage firm Richmond’s, they were prepared for an investigator on the case. But Perry wasn’t expecting her to be so gorgeous. Or so into Perry, undercover as a journalist.

Private Investigator Norah Rosenberg is great at her job. But when she’s roped in to solve a near-perfect hack, she may find herself outmatched—and much more interested in the pretty brunette journalist following her investigation.

When Norah’s new girlfriend might not be the journalist she seems, the whole case starts looking a little more complicated and a lot more personal. Under pressure from the insufferable Richmond heir to solve the case, her inside source switching sides, and her feelings for Perry deepening, will Norah choose her work, or will she choose the woman who’s too perfect for her to let go—and the life of crime she leads?

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